Behind the Best Of Issue: The 11th Street Annex in Fort Lauderdale

In narrowing the field for the 2012 Best Of nominees for Best Place to Eat Every Day, there were several key factors to consider. In addition to being budget-friendly, the winning candidate needed to provide enough variety to keep the palate interested and an atmosphere that lends itself to fostering a cadre of regulars. 

The 11th Street Annex knocks it out of the park in all three categories. Most dishes on the constantly changing menu cost $10 or less, and the high quality of the ingredients and skilled prep make this a fair value. 

The two sisters who own and run the restaurant have created an environment that is comfortable and familiar in a way that, say, your favorite aunt's living room would be. There's a bit of anticipation with every visit to this casual little sitdown; "Will they have that pear fennel soup today?" "Is the veggie dish going to be a tart?" If you really want something specific, call ahead to get an idea of the day's menu. Better yet, just go with the handful of offerings for the day; I've yet to have something I haven't liked (or more accurately, wanted to lick the plate clean after finishing). One caveat: Bring cash, as cards are not accepted. 

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