Checkers Gives Away Ice Cream -- Better Get in Line

​The brutality of summer has slackened a bit. Still, if you're outside for any length of time, you're a sweaty, clammy mess. The only cure is shade and water, but an ice cream cone can help lower that core temperature from Chernobyl levels to something more manageable.

This Saturday, Oct 2, and on Oct. 9th as well, Checkers -- also known as the largest double drive-through chain in the nation -- is giving away free ice cream cones all day, from 2 - 10 p.m. These two afternoons/evenings shall presumably go down in history as Free Cone Saturdays ... which is also the title of the new REM album! (not really!)

To get your cone on, first you'll need to find a Checkers, but that shouldn't be too hard -- any one in Miami/Dade or Broward will do. If you're anywhere near Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Mirimar, Pembroke Pines, Margate, Oakland Park, Plantation, or Lauderdale Lakes, you'll find one. You've got to buy something else, naturally, but then your chocolate, vanilla, or swirl cone is free.

The give-away helps Checkers promote its new line of desserty-type treats, shakes, sundaes and such that it's rolling out next month. Bon appetit!

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