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Chef Jamie DeRosa of Atlantic Ocean Club and Buddha Sky Bar: Interview, Part II

We're continuing our conversation with Chef Jamie DeRosa, who is opening the Atlantic Ocean Club and Buddha Sky Bar in Delray Beach in January and February. Part I is here .

How did you make your way back to Florida after your global adventures?

In 2009, after the Olympics, I came home for Christmas... and I came down to Miami to work with a buddy of mine, Tim Andreola of Timo. Tim was opening a project and wanted some help... and that turned into a few months, and I ran into Chef Allen Susser a few times, and he told me he had a project in the works and would I be interested in coming to Delray. I didn't know where Delray was... I was living in South Beach at the time. So I came up and I loved it -- I fell in love with the town and the community.

What about the project?

He [Chef Allen] wanted to do a gastropub, so I wrote the menu and the

concept, and we worked together on it, and we opened Taste Gastropub. I

was just going to be a consultant, so I was consulting for six months, and

that ended in June, and these guys [Atlantic Management Group] found me.

Were you hands-on at Taste?

I was there every day; I was just consulting because we didn't know what

it was going to turn into. Chef Allen was a consultant, hired by

Robert, so I said that I'd work as a consultant for a period of time.

Taste closed abruptly in November. What's your take on what happened?

I think it was the wrong time and the wrong location, and I think

opening in April was the wrong move... We had 60 percent of our seating outside,

and I think that was a big issue in the summer; people just don't want

to sit outside. I think the food -- and not just because it was mine -- I

think the food works. I just think it was the wrong time, the wrong

location, and wrong design.

Tell me about Atlantic Management Group (AMG) and how you got involved with them.

I left Taste in June, and... then I met Larry of Atlantic Management Group.

It's a brand of restaurants, soon to be hotels, which will carry the AMG

brand, and we'll do a night-life segment. We have Atlantic Ocean Club

and Buddha Sky Bar. AMG was established in 2010. Larry Lipnick, the

owner, and Chris Licatta bought the land in 2006. The building has been

designed from the old Powers Lounge back in the early 1900s, so when it

was built, it had to be rebuilt within that design because Delray is

such a small town, some properties are historic. When I came onboard,

they had an idea of what they wanted to do but not a real clear

direction of the food to a degree. When I heard about Atlantic Ocean

Club, I really wanted to bring that California freshness to the market. I

also wanted to incorporate a sustainable, organic program, which I think

Michael, at Michael's Genuine in Miami, is probably the only one that

does it. We're also working with the Clean Fish program, which means all

of our seafood is sustainable; we're working with a lot of farmers from

around the country, local and domestic. We really have an emphasis on

farm-to-table approach. I'm also pulling a lot of my resources from

working with the chefs that I've worked with. I'm able to get the

product that some of the better chefs are using.

Why is Atlantic Ocean Club a great restaurant for Delray?

Here in Delray, people tend to eat a little healthier, they're usually

outside, they're active. It's a small community; they dine out

frequently... and we've got good food here in Delray... I think as long as the

food is good and it can speak for itself, I think people are happy.

What will be your focus with the food at Atlantic Ocean Club?

Atlantic Ocean Club is a seafood restaurant, it's sustainable with the

Clean Fish program and has the farm to table approach. We have wood-burning ovens and wood-burning grills.

Describe the look of the restaurant.

The design of the restaurant is beautiful; it's like walking inside of a

yacht. It has teak inside. There's a boardwalk... There's blue tile off to

the left and right that seems to be ocean. We have a mezzanine level

that overlooks the dining room. On the mezzanine is a crudo bar that'll

have raw product and seafood crudos. There's a DJ and lighting and sound

system so that it can be a lounge in the evening after dinner, so

there's a nightlife element to the restaurant.

So it's about more than just the food; you're looking to create a dining "experience"?

There's really a great entertainment factor to not only having great

food but also excellent entertainment. It's a complete dining

experience. The dinner element will have that, the lunch element will

have that to a degree, and then we're going to do brunch Saturdays and

Sundays. So we'll have a piano [playing] and beautiful scones, muffins,

and eggs and just great dishes. We have outside seating and inside with

live entertainment. There's just nothing like it.

What is Buddha Sky Bar?

Buddha Sky Bar is on the roof, and the idea behind that cuisine is that

of my influences from my travels in Asia. We're going to have a lot of

Chinese food; we're going to have a sushi bar. And it's on the roof, and

it's all completely exposed in a glass atrium. So we're able to control

the environment inside the restaurant, but you're also able to feel like

you're outside.

Sounds exciting! When do you anticipate you'll be opening your doors?

We are scheduled to open the Atlantic Ocean Club the first week of

January. Buddha Sky Bar will be ready at the same time, but we're

waiting 30 days until we're ready.


What are your priorities right now with planning for the opening?

Right now, we're doing recipe testing.

What will the wine list be like?

The wine list is going to be friendly. I think we're going to have about

100 bottles of great wines by the glass, great pricing structure

for those wines. We'll have some nice craft beers. We have some

spectacular signature cocktails that we have a mixologist doing.

What are some examples of the food you'll be preparing?

Crudo items and appetizers are meant for sharing while entrées offer

selections like chilled octopus with watermelon, avocado, poppy seed, and

Meyer lemon; sautéed grouper and cheeks, ragout of braised rabbit,

butternut squash gnocchi, and pickled

root vegetables; and salt-crusted yellowtail snapper "en croute," mussels, cauliflower, and confit pear onions.

What advice would you give to aspiring chefs?

I think that if anyone has any aspirations to be a chef, I think they

should spend some time in a kitchen before investing any money or making

any commitments. We do what's called a stage or a trail where we bring

in candidates of any level and let them work in the kitchen for a day. We

let them see and observe what it means to work in a kitchen with a

chef... A lot of restaurants are more management and concept and management-driven, but when you're working in a kitchen with a chef, it's a

different animal. It's like being in the military.

Do you think culinary school is essential?

I don't think so. I went to culinary school, and I've always said I

learned more in the practical world than I did in culinary

school... However, I do think culinary school builds a foundation, and I

wouldn't deter anyone from doing it. I would just say, have some

practical experience behind you first.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career thus far?

I would say early on it was Tim Andreola and Chef Allen because they

were the ones who influenced who I am today and how I feel about food. I

think later in my years, it was Wolfgang Puck and just his approach to

having a balance of success and still being a chef. He never lost focus

of being a chef from day one... He's never changed who he was; he's never

allowed success to change what his business is about, and to me, that's


What are your ambitions for the future?

I would like to see AMG grow into the restaurant and hotel market. I

would like to see this brand become a restaurant and hotel brand. I'd

like to continue my work with some charities here in Delray and Palm

Beach. I work with Palm Beach Food Harvest whose "Feed the Need"

program... feeds the homeless. I'd like to work with schoolkids and school

lunch programs -- I think that's important. Ultimately, I want to provide

a place for other chefs to come and be part of... I don't see there's a

very big community in South Florida like we have in California where

chefs come together... to really mentor the younger kids... I want to see

their future be relative to our hard work. It's the Wolfgang motto of

cultivating a place for people to grow within the company. My best days

are the days where I hear the people that work with me are successful

and have gone on to do great things -- I remember when people used to

tell me that.

Do you like to entertain at home?

I do. I'm a big entertainer, and I'm a big sports fan. I like to have pool parties and have some fun on the weekends.

What do you like to cook for people when they come over?

I always like to have something that's interactive. I have all the

ingredients there, and we'll make it together, or if I'm having a sushi

party, I'll have all the ingredients there and teach people how to roll the

sushi. Something that's entertaining, that doesn't take too much time

for us to do together. They're always asking you questions anyway, so

why not get them involved? I find that if I give them something to do,

they don't ask so many questions.

What kind of music do you like?

I'm a big music fan. I like everything but country. I like a little

hip-hop, a little alternative rock, and classic rock... I love to download

music and have it in the kitchen... There's something about live music

that's just inspiring; it's art. It's such an amazing connection to the

people, almost like food is. For me, they go hand in hand.

What are some favorite artists?

[laughs and checks iPod] I did buy Kanye West's new CD. I'm really into the Black Keys, Deadmau5, and Miguel featuring J. Cole.

What is your drink of choice?

Usually bourbon; I'm a bourbon drinker. We make a few bourbon cocktails for the menu, and I really like the Chef's Special.

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