Cinemark and Bogart's: Moviegoers Can Eat and Watch 3D Movies For Under 35 Bucks

Just in case you haven't noticed, the whole luxury dining theatre thing is really in right now. Gone are the days in which moviegoers are deigned to tiny seats with nothing more than a quadrupled-size soda and five pound box 'o popcorn. 

To elevate diners movie experiences even higher, Cinemark has added new theatre technology to its repertoire to keep Bogart's diners and just plain movie watchers coming back.

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Last Friday, the theater rolled out its new Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium: complete with wall to wall and floor to ceiling screen, custom digital surround sound system, Doremi server, Barco DLP digital projector, and super comfy seats. For those of you who have no idea what all this means? Basically, it's kind of like an IMAX, but better. IMAX can only play films formatted for IMAX: this system can easily switch between different film formats. Rather than get stuck running two weeks of a flop, the theater can just run the hotter film of the moment. It plays both 2D and 3D formats.

The best of all, as with any premier level ticket--it's like the VIP section of the theater--moviegoers can watch XD films while noshing on some food from Bogart's. Those looking to eat can order whatever they like off the Bogart's menu: Fat Free Split Pea Soup ($5.95), Key Lime Mahi Mahi ($23.95), Grilled Portabello Mushroom Pizza ($14.95), Turtle Ice Cream Sandwich ($7.95), or whatever else. However, staff does advise that certain options can get quite messy in the dark--we'd imagine salad could be rather tricky. When an order is placed, guests are given a pager which goes off when the food is ready. If you'd rather save the potential mess and eat before or after the movie, Bogart's also has a proper restaurant section. 

Currently, Bogart's and Cinemark are running a package. For $30, Monday through Thursday, guests can get one Premier level ticket, a meal (off a special menu), popcorn, and valet parking. To watch in the XD theater it's $3.50 extra. Currently, the theater is showing Oz the Great and Powerful in XD.

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