Coca-Cola Drops White Polar Bear Cans Because We're Too Stupid

When Coca-Cola decided to team with the World Wildlife Fund to raise money for endangered polar bears, who would have thought there would be backlash?

Coca-Cola celebrated the campaign by putting out special white cans of

Coke, complete with cute polar bears cavorting.  Only problem? People

are mistaking the cans for Diet Coke (even though Diet Coke cans are

silver and not white).  According to the Wall Street Journal,

people tweeted their disgust at the thought of drinking a Diet Coke by

accident! "PEOPLE! Don't be a victim,'' wrote one consumer on Twitter,

warning that mixing

up Coke and Diet Coke is "a SHOCK to the palate!'', the WSJ reported.


the red cans are on their way, and the white cans are being pulled off

supermarket shelves. Our advice?  Grab a six pack now, because they're

already being sold on eBay for $4.99 a can.

What about the poor polar bears?  Coca-Cola is still honoring their commitment to donate around $3 million. Awwwwww....

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