Confessions of a Marlins Cheerleader

Sure, some of us have been hitting the gym, but unfortunately it takes more than an express session on the treadmill to terminate that spare tire.

Baseball season is imminent (Marlins spring training begins February 27 in Jupiter) and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jen, a Marlins Mermaid. The Marlins Mermaids have an impressive list of accomplishments, including having been named one of Miami's Top Ten sexiest jobs by the E! Channel.

Jen told me about her exercise regimen -

which, as you can see from her photo, is an effective one!

Initially, I was looking forward to hearing Jen's tips and tricks -- super foods she indulges in, the newest exercise moves, secret detox tips, or dietary splurges. Well, Jen is all game and no play. She says there are no secrets to a getting a hot body other than hard work and dedication.

Check out these Q & A's and judge for yourself!

Clean Plate Charlie: Tell us about yourself and what brought you to the Marlins Marmaids?

Jen: I am 23 years old and have been dancing practically my whole life. I am also interested in being involved in communications and promotional work. I decided to audition back in 2008 and have been a Marlins Mermaid ever since.

Clean Plate Charlie: What does it take to be a Marlins Mermaid? Are there height and weight requirements like in the modeling industry?

Jen: I would not say that height and weight is a requirement as much as attitude and energy is - being a Marlins Mermaid entails being a great dancer and bringing positive energy to the team and the community.

Clean Plate Charlie: Your dance routines quite are impressive. How often do you practice?

Jen: The Marlins Mermaids are scheduled to train three times a week for four hours. Each session is divided between learning and practicing the dance routines and then cardio and weight training. I also go to the gym on my own free time.

Clean Plate Charlie: How do you manage to juggle work, school and practice, all while staying on a healthy diet?

Jen: I typically start my day off with egg whites for breakfast and pack a healthy sandwich for lunch. This helps me feel refreshed through the day and prevents me from turning to unhealthy lunch options such as fast food. I practice and train at night.

Clean Plate Charlie: What do you generally serve yourself at home?

Jen: I enjoy eating lean protein such as white chicken or fish along with a vegetable. I also stay away from rice.

Clean Plate Charlie: Did you make any exceptions during the holidays?

Jen: I personally enjoy the way I eat, and my family served turkey and vegetables during the holidays, so cheating was not an issue.

Clean Plate Charlie: Does constantly working around concession stands interfere with your diet? Do you often indulge in any guilty pleasures such as hotdogs, popcorn, candy, beer or any other baseball game favorites?

Jen: I personally love popcorn, but at the games we are too busy working to go to the concession stands. Our locker rooms are provided with healthy snacks such as salads and sandwiches.

Clean Plate Charlie: Every year the Marlins Mermaids come out with a sexy calendar. What do you do to prep for the photo shoot?

Jen: Whenever we have a shoot, special event or fashion show, we add on 1-2 additional training sessions. So, in addition to the 3 scheduled sessions, we will also meet up on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays.

Clean Plate Charlie: In your opinion, what would you say is more beneficial to staying in shape - a healthy diet or exercise?

Jen: Everyone is different, but I feel that training hard has a more drastic affect on my body than diet does. Although, to achieve a certain standard of fitness, you have to comply with both a healthy diet and fitness regimen.

Clean Plate Charlie: How do stay motivated and committed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, despite having such a busy lifestyle?

Jen: I don't see eating healthy and working out as a barrier. Living a healthy lifestyle benefits me physically and mentally. I also find that being a Marlin's Mermaid is a privilege and an opportunity, so I don't take it for granted.

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