Dish Deconstructed: Chicken Marsala

When you order it in an Italian restaurant, chicken marsala always looks so complicated -- the sauce, the tender texture of the meat, the wine's mysterious aroma. But it's actually a one-pan meal for us slobs who make it at home. And this version is absurdly simple, if not entirely authentic.

Mushrooms: Sautée with garlic in olive oil. Remove from pan and set aside.

Chicken: Dip thin-sliced boneless, skinless cutlets in egg. Coat each piece in bread crumbs.

Return to the frying pan, with olive oil, and cook until the chicken is lightly browned on each side.

Throw the mushrooms and garlic back in the pan. 

Pour in the Marsala wine. Keep on low to medium heat until the chicken is cooked through and each piece is coated in sauce.

Serve with buttery noodles.

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