Eat Like the Scots, If You're Man Enough

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The Scots find it a treat to take a sheep's stomach, fill it with sheep liver, heart, and tongue, mix with oats, onions, spices, and suet, and boil it for hours. The result looks a little something like a mushy, grubby coconut that has been lost at sea (and a dirty sea at that) for a really long time. The Scots call this favorite recipe haggis, and you can get it on a plate right here in South Florida on June 19.

Haggis will be the star at a "manly food"-themed dinner at Miramar's L&L Market Bistro. The night's menu will also feature barbecue and steaks for those with a little less, um, manliness.

And for those of us without any cajones at all, L&L has a creative,

international menu featuring items ranging from Mongolian-style

"skinny" chicken ($9.95) and Caribbean pulled pork ($8.95) to a

mahi-mahi sandwich with key lime crema and a California burger. Dinner

runs until 11 p.m., giving you plenty of time to down a few pints of

courage before you step up to the plate of haggis. And be warned.

For his recipe, Food Network guru Alton Brown cautions: "Serve with mashed potatoes, if you serve it at all."

-- Jill Barton

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