Epic Meal Time's Breakfast of Booze: This Is Breakfast for Winners!

Harley Morenstein and his friends make the YouTube Epic Meal Time videos. In them, the guys basically make meals that would instantly kill anyone over 25 who ate them.

But God looks after drunks, frat boys, and Charlie Sheen, so the boys make epic meals meant for binge eating. Being serious for a moment, the Epic Meal Time guys do take into account calories and fat content, with a twist -- the more calories, salt, and fat, the better.

Take in point their Breakfast of Booze. The guys make a breakfast fortress of bacon (to keep the haters out) along with a few other treats, including:

  • Candied bacon (like dog treats for people)
  • A bacon plate
  • Ham wrapped in bacon and deep fried in beer batter
  • Steak deep-fried in beer batter -- for breakfast
  • Japapeño- and cream-cheese-stuffed sausage wrapped in pancakes and deep-fried in beer batter
  • Chocolate chip bacon waffles
  • Jack Daniels maple syrup (made with a lot of Jack)
  • Hashbrown balls
  • Bacon Baily's whipped cream
  • Bacon-cream-cheese-stuffed French toast dumplings
  • Dorito's deep-fried cheese sticks
  • A big-ass omelet

Total calories and fat? 18,531 calories and 10,050 grams of fat, according to the "Epic" guys. But, hey -- who's counting, right? Watch Harley and his crew chow down here. Maybe Charlie Sheen could option this into a TV movie -- winning!



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