Exported Rosquillas: Like Honduran Dog Treats

It's never good when you're first thought after biting into something is, wait, there's something wrong here. And there's definitely something wrong in this package of Rubi brand rosquillas.

Perhaps it's that the package is "para exportacion" only -- maybe the Hondurans 

have a less-offensive version at home. Our exported version is a clear

package of 14 donut-shaped crackers with dimply exteriors. The

crispness in them gives way to something of a Cheez-It flavor, but

then, back behind that processed dairy product flavor, there's

something that takes a whole lot like Milk Bones (yes, I've eaten

them), a cakey, dry undertone that could only come from being factory


Who should eat them? Your dog, for sure, or those of us who want a socially acceptable way to eat dog treats.

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