Farmer Jay's 11 Best Instagram Photos

He may be Broward and Palm Beach County's favorite farmer, but he's also our favorite Instagrammer.

Farmer Jay spends his days working the fields on his sustainable, organic farm and nights penning a column called Farmer Jay's Soapbox for Clean Plate Charlie. So it's a wonder that he finds the time to moonlight as an expert farm life photographer, but heirloom tomato shots don't lie.

We've picked out Farmer Jay's 11 best Instagram photos (that's our usual ten, plus one for good luck). Get ready for some close-ups.

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First of all, look at that lighting. Second of all, you know these tomatoes taste better than the awful hybrids at the supermarket. Who wants a bite?

So many hues of green. We can just taste the nutrients. Notice the tiny drops of dew in the background.

This photo is so natural and earthy, we have no words.

Bear's a farm dog in training. Drake is the pro.

These guys were headed off to farm-to-table restaurant Max's Harvest. (Why not into our mouths?)

What a grin. Farmer Jay captures Pearl as she hungrily oinks her way into her next meal. It's chow time.

These little guys are waiting to help compost. Meanwhile, it's time for their close-up with Farmer Jay.

Farmer Jay calls them little beauties. We can't disagree -- and we kind of want to roll around in a colorful pile of them.

Farmer Jay says his baby goats aren't babies anymore. Watch them grow up before your very eyes in his Instagram shots.

Color. Shape. Form. Depth. This has it all. Plus the generosity of Mother Nature.

Can someone tell us why this tropical banana tree looks nothing like the ones in our backyard? Jealous.

View the full slideshow of Farmer Jay's Top 25 Instagrams. Follow him on Instagram @farmerjay1.

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