Five Best Places to Cure a Hangover in South Florida

While there's always a reason to have a big night--promotion, break-up, wedding, or just your average Saturday night--there are times in which you really have an excuse. And right now there are a plethora of reasons to drink.

Whether you're on spring break, recovering from St. Patty's Day, or trying to revive yourself from Ultra we have a list of the best five places to cure your day-after ailments.

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5. Southern Kitchen, Lake Park
If there's one thing every knows about the southerners, it's that they love their grease. Butter, lard, shortening, cheese: if it's southern it's going to be heavy. And that suits us just fine when curing a hangover. Southern Kitchen in Lake Park offers guests a taste of good ol' home style favorites with a taste of southern hospitality. Specials like corned beef hash, bacon, eggs, and grits with biscuits and gravy, or pumpkin spice combo with eggs, sausage, potato, and pumpkin-spiced waffles will have you up and running in no time. Or just send you back to where you need to be--bed.

Let's be honest: there's no better way to sure a hangover than with some bacon, pancakes, and eggs. This little spot has some of the best in town. Oven-baked pancakes so rich and fluffy, you'll forget about that throbbing pain in your head. Thick cut bacon so salty and delicious, it might help with the rehydrating process. And the eggs, oh the eggs, free-range and rich, they'll have you wondering how you ever cured the Irish flu in the past.

Located just near FAU, Tom Sawyer's is a favorite of college students--and professors--looking to cure last night's binge. Eggs benedict, country fried steak, or breakfast in a skillet, a combination of biscuits and gravy with western, 3 meat, or veggie scramble with cheese are sure to sop up the copious amounts of booze in your stomach. Open since 1985, right next to a college, this little spot has to know a thing or two about soothing a bad case of 'food poisoning.'

2. D.B.A./ Cafe, Fort Lauderdale
With a chilled vibe, dark interior, and friendly-i.e. sympathetic staff--D.B.A. Cafe is one of your best bets in Lauderdale for comforting your Sunday morning blues. With an ever rotating menu of creative Sunday brunch items, you'll never have to worry about finding something new to pacify the pain. Dishes like chorizo and gruyere omelets, cheesecake-stuffed parker french toast, or Pancho Villa eggs served with pork chops, rice, beans, avocado, and salsa will help you forget about your sad condition.

1. Max's Harvest, Delray Beach
One sentence: unlimited interactive bloody mary and champagne bar. Sometimes you just need a bit of hair of the dog to go along with your pork belly benedict. And Max's has your cure every Saturday and Sunday morning. Dishes like cheddar sage biscuits and sausage gravy, pan-fried banana bread french toast, and fresh fried donuts are the perfect accoutrement to soak up the remnants of last night's inebriation--plus, the starch might just help you to keep on going. We call that a win/ win situation.

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