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Five Gluten-Free Fast-Food Options

​Fast-food restaurants still haven't caught on to offering gluten-free options.  P.F. Chang's can coat its lemon chicken in a GF breading, but McDonald's still smothers its nuggets in wheat.

That poses a problems to celiacs on the run. But never fear! You may not have a wide variety of options when it comes to fast food, but you still have options.

Check out these five items that will super-size your diet.

5. McDonald's

If you really like eating plain meat, salad, or condiments, then this is for you! All joking aside, McDonald's really doesn't offer much for celiacs, as even the fries have gluten. So if you decide to go here, make sure you do the research beforehand.

To see a list of GF options at McDonald's, click here.

4. Subway
For a restaurant chain that caters to bread fiends, it has an impressive list of options. All salads are gluten-free other than the Meatball Marinara, Seafood Sensation, and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. Just hold the croutons and you're good to go. There's one caveat, though, for true celiacs: We can't promise no cross-contamination during the salad's preparation.

To see a full allergen chart from Subway, click here.

3. Chick-Fil-A
This place offers three GF entrée options, all salads. Surprisingly, though, the tortilla strips accompanying a few are reportedly gluten-free. It also offers some side choice options, including French fries.

To see a full list of GF options at Chick-Fil-A, click here.

2. Arby's
Arby's offers nine meats guaranteed GF but only three salads. If you really wanted to mix it up, you could probably put one of the meats on top of a salad and call it a day! It's also supposed to be good at keeping its roast beef in separate, sealed containers, which eliminates any worry of cross-contamination.

To see a full list of GF options at Arby's, click here.

1. Wendy's
Like all the other restaurants listed, Wendy's offers salad options for the conscientious celiac. But unlike the other places, it offers other options like baked potatoes, chili, and eight desserts. Heck, you could eat an entire three-course meal if you were really hungry. 

To see a full list of GF options at Wendy's, click here.

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