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Five Wines for Hurricane Season

Despite numerous predictions of death, destruction and days of no cable TV, so far this hurricane season we've gotten off pretty easy. 

Well, that looks like it's about to change. You don't need to be a professional doomsayer or a WSVN panic-monger. . . I mean, meteorologist, to peek at the National Hurricane Center website and see a line of storms marching inexorably towards us.

When the storm finally hits and the power goes out and you're eating out of cans, when ice goes for triple the price of crack cocaine and your house feels like a sauna in the middle of the Sahara Desert, there's only one thing for hardy, storm-toughened, infinitely resourceful South Floridians to do. 


With that thought firmly in mind and glass firmly in hand, Charlie presents this list of five wines (all under $10) that he intends to have nicely chilled to ease the pain of having to hear Joe Bastardi say, "I told you so," every day until Christmas. 

Nobilis 2009 Vinho Verde. When it comes to heat, humidity and no

A/C, light and refreshing are always better. And no wine is lighter than

this "green" wine from Portugal, which tastes of lemons and limes with a

slight champagne-like spritz and only nine percent alcohol. 

Antinori 2008 Campogrande Orvieto Classico.

Not quite as delicate as the Nobilis but a touch more complex is

classic white wine of Umbria, which adds hints of oranges and tropical

fruit to the typical lemon-line flavor profile. Good with tuna from a

can too. 

Wishing Tree 2008 Unoaked Chardonnay.

Chardonnay is the comforting oenological equivalent of meatloaf, but

lots of oak and high alcohol don't mix with face-melting heat. Try this

oak-free Chard instead; it's so clean and crisp it could almost be a

Sauvignon Blanc.

Domaine de Jarras 2008 "Vin des Sables" Gris de Gris. Rose

is a popular summer wine, even if summer is kicking your ass like Jack

Bauer with a bad attitude and a blowtorch. This three-grape blend tastes

of fresh strawberries and smells like violets. It's lovely. 

Louis Jadot 2008 Beaujolais-Villages.

You've got to have one red wine with your Spam and American cheese

sandwich, but it's got to be a red wine that knows how to take a chill.

This one is like a glass full of tart cherries and raspberries with a

bracing citrus acidity.

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