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Florida Beer: Magic City Pale Ale From Wynwood Brewing

It's #FloridaBeerFriday. Every Friday, we take a look at a beer brewed in the Sunshine State, giving analysis to the burgeoning craft beer movement of Florida.

Deep in the hollows of the sometimes Hobbit-hole sized warehouses that squeeze themselves like halflings between the cavernous art galleries that recall the Mines of Moria lies Miami's Design District's eponymous house of brews, Wynwood Brewing Company.

Open for less than a year, the team at this Miami production brewery have gone to great lengths to keep their beers and taproom as focused on the city as possible. From the Wynwood Fox Red (named after a particularly rowdy fox that frequents the brewery area) to this herein reviewed beer, Magic City Pale Ale, Wynwood Brewing Company is using their position as a beer ambassador to emphasize all that's good in South Florida.

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This week, as if you couldn't tell already, we're going to take a look at Wynwood's Magic City Pale Ale, a modest 5.6% A.B.V. American styled pale ale that's brewed up with Amarillo hops, one of craft beer's favorite hops for its remarkable ability to be used as both an excellent bittering and aromatic hop. The beer is presented with an orange-gold color complete with a white frothy crown of foam, pushing out some sweet aromas of grass. Thank the maker that Wynwood chooses nonic pint glasses, as the aromatics do linger a bit longer than if this were in a straight-walled tumbler glass. Speaking of aromatics, there are some captivating floral notes. Like those notes that you passed around class in high school. To get your crush's attention. Yeah, you totally did, didn't you? The beer hits the tongue with a touch of honey-like malt which moves on to graininess and fairly high (for a pale ale) bitterness at the end. There's even some flowery features mixing in the flavors of this beer too. Flowers! Hops! Quite the American Pale Ale. Magic City Pale Ale is a part of Wynwood's 'Origin Series', a project from the brewery to "use names of historical figures, buildings, and landmarks that we may use every day in Miami yet do not realize their significance to our heritage." Good on 'em for that. We grabbed a pint recently at the Wynwood Brewing Company taproom, located at 565 NW 24 Street in Miami. Take a bit of a trip south and check it out.

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Doug Fairall is a craft beer blogger who focuses on Florida beers, and has been a homebrewer since 2010. For beer things in your Twitter feed, follow him @DougFairall and find the latest beer pics on Instagram.

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