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Founders Brewing Co. Introducing "Brewers Dozen" This Spring

After a series of delays, Founders Brewing Co. broke onto the Florida beer scene in mid-2013 with its big-time selection of Michigan brews.

Known for complex ales with huge aromatics and assertive flavors, the brewery has been garnering a steady crowd of Floridian followers.

In the not-too-distant future, Founders lovers will have even more to be excited about...the brewery is releasing new 15-packs of its most popular brew this spring.

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Shipping through affiliated distributors in March, the 15-pack cans of All Day IPA will be released to the public for the same suggested retail price of its current 12-pack.

Cofounder Mike Stevens calls the price "a way of saying thank you for customers' reception of All Day IPA."

The brew, which is referred to as a session ale, has a low alcohol by volume in comparison to most IPAs -- the majority sit around seven percent ABV.

At 4.7 percent, All Day has a lower ABV than many mass produced lagers -- Budweiser is five percent.

Even with the low ABV, the All Day is full of flavor with nice citrus notes and a hint of coriander.

Stevens along with cofounder Dave Engbers worked on developing the right mixture of flavor and alcohol content for quite some time -- the goal was create a good IPA that you could drink without getting hammered.

"We recognized the need for a full-flavored IPA with a lower ABV," says Engbers. "The challenge was creating a beer that had intense hop aromatics balanced with the malts without packing a big ABV punch."

Although the brewery offered a limited release of the session ale in 2012, it was unable to continue with production due to hop shortages.

In February 2013, it was sent to all of Founders existing markets, quickly becoming its biggest seller.

It was released in cans last August.

The brewery is now referring to the 15-pack as a "brewers dozen."

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