Funky Buddha's Yappy Hour This Saturday: Drink Beer, Rescue Dogs

For some cruel reason, the Everglades seems to be a dumping ground for hundreds of dogs by their former owners every year and left to fend for themselves. Abandoned dogs aren't just found there, of course, but all over South Florida.

One canine rescue group, 100 Plus Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, snatches up the left-for-dead pooches and gives them another chance to be with loving families. Funky Buddha Brewery is teaming up with the nonprofit December 20 for Yappy Hour, mingling dog and beer lovers to bring awareness to the plight of abandoned pets.

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As you might have guessed, Yappy Hour is a happy hour offering for anyone attending the brewery between the hours of 2-6 p.m. this Saturday. Donating $5 or more is good for a wristband that's worth $1 off all Funky Buddha draft beers.

This is not a new deal. Taproom manager Alexandra Pate has been working with 100 Plus for at least six months. But the group is not the only nonprofit involved with the brewery. Pate works with a bunch of dog rescue groups.

100 Plus has rescued over 2,000 dogs and more than 40 cats from the Everglades area bordering Homestead, Redlands and Florida City. The pets are usually found starving, severely emaciated, full of ticks, at risk for disease and exposed to the open environment. The animals are bred to live with humans and cannot easily adapt to the wild. 100 Plus accepts any dogs, even pregnant ones.

The Yappy Hour happens once a month, either on the third or fourth Saturday each month. The brewery usually partners with a food truck and donates 10 percent of their sales to rescuing dogs, and cats too. Silent auctions are held. Sometimes they bake doggie treats.

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Anybody at the brewery during this time will be able to bond with the rescued dogs and possibly even take one home to give them a new life.

"It brings the community and a good group of people together," Pate said.

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