Get a Free Spicy Chicken Biscuit from Chick-fil-A

Bringing in the New Year mainly consists of copious amounts of alcohol, mass texting, and food. Lots and lots of food.

To celebrate the New Year, Chick-fil-A is giving out their new spicy chicken biscuit a week before they are officially on the menu. Visitors get to taste the new breakfast sandwich Jan. 3-8 at any Chick-fil-A, as long as they have made a reservation. The 37-second registration process is here. The confirmation email is required for proof upon visit. Registration ends Jan. 1.

The spicy chicken biscuit makes its official debut on Jan. 10. Chick-fil-A's spicy chicken sandwich hit stores earlier this year, generating mouth-watering madness and constant soda refills. The spicy chicken biscuit is sure to continue the trend of drooling delight. Only this time, for breakfast.


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