Get Your Spicy Cod Roe Fix at Tate's Japanese Snack Tasting This Saturday

One of my favorite Japanese candies is Morinaga HiChew, a sort of white, milky version of Starburst that's got the consistency of recycled plastic. That doesn't sound so great at first, but the creamy, fruity chews just sort of melt away deliciously as you gum them - they're highly addictive, and extremely fun to eat. I'm also partial to EveryBurger, little sesame seed topped cookies that sandwich a chocolate "pattie"; they look exactly like miniature sliders, but they taste almost like unsalted, chocolate-covered pretzels.

The Japanese are crazy creative when it comes to their snack food. And you can get a taste of some of those strange and exciting treats during Saturday's Japanese Snack Tasting at Tate's Comics. Starting at 2 p.m., the comic, art, and pop culture shop will invite in people with adventurous taste buds to sample a litany of odd Japanese sundries for absolutely free. All you need to bring is a willingness to taste something like Spicy Mentaiko Toast, crusty baked bites topped with spicy cod roe. For something less adventurous, but equally intriguing, try Walky Walky, little candy-coated confections from the makers of Pocky that come in a coffee cop. Kawaii!

Tate's Comics
4566 N. University Dr., Lauderhill

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