Gift Guide for Foodies: 10 Unique Stocking Stuffers Under $20

Shopping for presents is never easy. Will they like it? Should I have bought something else? 
A million questions run through your mind as you try and pick out just the right gift. And then you see it! Its perfect! You race home and wrap your great gift and wait eagerly as they rip off the shiny wrapping paper...only to see a wave of disappointment wash over their face. If you've ever been on either side of a bad gift, you know how really bad it is. 

Here are 10 stocking stuffers that are sure to satisfy without breaking the bank: 

1. Mandles - "A man candle that just makes scents"
With scents like bacon, skinny dip, the great outdoors, and monkey farts, you're sure to find something to please even the manliest of men. $14.99 each at www.reclamationcandlecompany

2. Mustache Sandwich Cutter
Be the hippest one in the break room with this mustache sandwich cutter. On sale for $8.99 at 

3. Pocket Breathalyzer 
"Keys, wallet, phone, breathalyzer - check!" Add this little beauty to "never leave home without" list and you'll always know when you've had too much...or not enough! $19.99 at

4. Chewed Gum Magnets
Make sure your notes and reminders are stuck where you can see them with these chewed gum magnets for $8 at

5. Wine Label Savers
Good wine is usually enjoyed on a special occasion (no, wednesday nights are not special) but after the bottle is empty and the buzz has worn off, you're left with nothing more than a fierce hangover. Now you can preserve the memory with these label savers on sale for for $12.99 at

6.Beer Belt 
Keep a cold drink, or 6, by your side at all times with this groovy tie-dye beer belt from for only $12.99

7.Toilet Salt and Pepper Shaker
Do your french fries need a sprinkle of salt? Or perhaps your vegetables could use a splash of pepper? Either way, this is the only bathroom you'll ever use without having to wash your hands afterwards, right? Get both for $9.99 at

8. Indelicate Doily Coasters
Let your friend know when he's being a douchebag or a hot mess with these indelicate doily coasters. The perfect mix of sassy and sweet, this set of 4 coasters can be yours for $10.00 at

9. Pocket Spice Kit 
Life can get pretty bland, if you let it. Keep the spice in your life with this pocket sized spice kit for $8.99 from The kit comes with 6 different spices including salt, pepper, cinnamon, thyme and one empty bottle for your personal favorite. 

10. Pen Utensils 
Tied to your desk for lunch? This Dine Ink pack for $7.99 at gives a whole new meaning to multitasking. Complete with a knife, spoon, and fork, you'll never miss a meal...or a memo. 

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Ashley Allred
Contact: Ashley Allred