Grateful Palate Reopens as Wine Bar & Lounge Tonight

For years, Grateful Palate on 17th Street has been a gourmet yacht provisioner, catering to some of South Florida swankest sea-bound parties. But tonight from 7 to 9, the party for landlubbers begins with the opening of Grateful Palates' new Wine & Dining Bar and Lounge.

The space has been completely overhauled to include two main areas: a swank wine lounge that fits 40 guests and a dining room that seats 50. The bar will feature over 300 wines from around the world, including plenty of selections geared towards "wine aficionados." To dole out the good stuff, the space will have a temperature controlled cruvinet dispensary system that will allow guests to enjoy tastes or full glasses.

As for dinner, Chef David Learmonth will prepare dishes that lean

towards to finer side of eclectic American dining. He'll pan sear

halibut and set it atop curried Moroccan couscous, pair succulent duck

breast with oyster mushrooms and port demi-glace, and crisp up salmon

skin to serve with ginger-infused black beans.

To compliment

the kitchen and bar, Grateful Palate plans on booking live music and

holding classes and seminars on wine and cheese. Happy hour will run

Monday through Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. as well.

The Grateful Palate
817 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale



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