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Gratify American Gastropub Is Closing Its Doors; Last Day Is Sunday

Gratify American Gastropub is closing its doors. This Sunday, July 8, will be the restaurant's last day an employee confirmed during a brief phone call this afternoon. Gratify's Facebook page broke the news today in a surprisingly good-natured post:

"Friends, Countrymen, lend me your ears. Sunday will be Gratify's last day! Please come revel in all that we have accomplished over the past 3 years with large amounts of drink. Also, there will be a lot to drink. Did I mention there will also be large amounts of alcohol available for your consumption?"

Gratify Facebook posts from earlier in the week indicated that the restaurant's air conditioning was on the fritz, but didn't allude to an impeding closure. Although Clean Plate Charlie has verbal confirmation from a staff member that the gastropub is indeed done after this weekend, the owner wasn't available at the time of initial posting to provide a more detailed explanation.

CPC will update as more details become available. In the meantime, better head over for their pulled pork sliders, risotto balls, and housemade chips while supplies last.

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Tricia Woolfenden

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