Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Big Bear Brewing Co. in Coral Springs

Beware of bears... making beer that you're going to love!

Big Bear Brewing Co. in Coral Springs is the brewery you imagine tucked away deep in the mountains making small batches of witches' brew in ceramic drums. Okay, not really... but after a couple 7.5% alcohol Kodiac Belgian Dubbels it's fun to pretend.

In the area for over

fifteen years, it's home to locals when

they're looking for a pint of something crafted with kick, taste and

"two more of these," because it's damn good beer. And going by the number

of personal mugs hanging above the bar,

it's apparent

there's a parade of regulars making this their after-work hideaway. And

why wouldn't they? Of what I saw, the staff came across as fun and

friendly, the brewmaster was willing to give tours to anyone ambitious

enough to ask, and I even spotted the GM running plates and serving

tables. I was impressed... and this was before I had anything to drink.

Though tempting to dive into everything on draft, I ordered the


sampler of all eight home-brewed beers. It was like looking into eight

parties at once and knowing each one offers the possibility to make you

dance like you never knew you could. I two-stepped my way into the first one,

their Brown Bear Ale. It was all you deem a good brown to be; medium

bodied, deep-amber color, a hint of nut and a full malt flavor. Pair that

with some manchego cheese or The Bear Burger ($12) and you might melt away into a

craft-brewed coma. "Can I order one of these to-go?" I thought to

myself. If you were wondering... no, you cannot take beer to-go. I asked, twice.

From there I hopped around hops, taking bites of the other two notables,

Grizzle Bear Red

and Seasonal Ale (currently peach) all while wondering how I'd

eventually pry myself away

from the bar. I assumed if I drank everything real quick and just ran

away I might be free, but then my wood fire pizza arrived ($10) and I

wasn't moving. The mix of meats in The Big Bear Pizza were chunky and

cooked just right and the crust had a perfect amount of crisp. It was a

tad over-oiled for me, but in reality that just helped me eat it

quicker (the $10 lunch version is on the smaller side. My advice: go for the $13, bigger one).

Undoubtedly beer is the staple of this restaurant, but the well

managed service and good food also play their part in holding together a

great atmosphere. If I'm ever in the Coral Springs area this is without

a doubt the place I want to drink water at get brutally drunk off of the best beer in the county.

Who: You and your taste buds.

What: $1 off all beer and 2-4-1 wines and well drinks. Half off pizzas for beer club members.

Where: 1800 University Drive

Coral Springs,



When: Mon-Fri 11:30am-7pm

How: With a ROARRRRRR.

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