Honeybells Are a "Limited Edition Fruit" -- Coming in January for Three Weeks Only

Some call them tangelos even though they're actually a cross between a Dancy tangerine and a Duncan grapefruit. But they're also known as honeybells. Hurricanes and frosts keep their habitat scarce and render them rare and coveted. With an extra-juicy, from-the-tree sweetness, they make a brief appearance after Christmas; then they're gone till next year.

Best eaten in the shower or over the sink, honeybells cultivate rabid fans. Ed Cushman realized this in 1945 and cornered the honeybell market. 

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On Cushman's website, it calls honeybells "the world's only limited edition fruit" and warns consumers to act before supplies run out:

"After that, there are no more. Anywhere. At any price."

Bonnie at the Cushman's store in West Palm Beach says the remarkable, bell-shaped fruits usually show up the first week of January and are gone by the end of the month.

Prices won't be determined until they arrive, but a typical care package runs around $40 for 13 pounds. Pricy little items!

"They are super-popular," says Bonnie. "And so juicy that people have to wear bibs." 

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