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I'm Eating What?! Seaweed & Salt Potato Chips

Potato chips aren't really a hard sell. Sure, some like ridges, some like baked versus fried, and some prefer original instead of the flavored varieties, but Calbee's seaweed and salt flavored potato chips could be the next big thing. Really!

They are of the light and crispy fried variety and, though they contain that dreaded monosodium glutamate, the other ingredients are harmless enough: potatoes (obviously), canola oil and/or palm oil, salt, seaweed, spices, and onion powder.

Surprisingly, there's no sugar, though one bite provides a little sweetness. And, as for the seaweed, no fishy, ocean-y flavor comes across. Expect just a slightly smoky, lightly salty bite.

Even the cartoon spud on the package--yep, the wearing a sash labeled "Potato" for those of you who mistakenly thought he was an, um... apple?--seems as if he is trying to encourage folks to give 'em a go. As for the 2.8 servings per package promised, just ignore that; I polished off an entire bag in one seating.

So who should eat this? Damn near anyone adventurous enough. And anyone with a seaweed-deficiency in their diet, of course.

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Riki Altman

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