J. Mark's and Grateful Palate Win Top Prizes in Slider Battle

If there was one standard about the sliders served tonight at YOLO's "Sips & Sliders at Sunset," it's that they weren't your typical beef, bacon, and cheese affair. Duck meat, grass-fed pork, and fancy condiments were the standard fare under grilled broiche buns.

And that was true with the winners: J. Marks, which won the overall judging, and Grateful Palate, which took home the people's choice award.

Click here to see a full slide show from the slider battle.

Grateful Palate won the people's choice with an

unconventional slider

served between two tostones, slaw, and a conch patty. That tostone

sandwich design may have helped, considering that those observing Passover

can't eat bread. The table seemed to have the steadiest line at the


J. Mark's got the top prize with a burger of slow-cooked

prime rib. It wasn't the fanciest burger, but it delivered the beefy

flavor missing in some of the fancier sliders served by the 17


Taking second in the judging was Rare, which served a simple slider of short ribs that were slow-roasted, pulled, and

tossed with a tangy barbecue sauce. D'Angelo took third with the oddest

combination of the night -- a veal patty topped with smoked salmon, Brie, and pesto.

Check Clean Plate Charlie tomorrow for more

from the winners.

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