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Jaxson's Celebrate Broward's 100th Birthday with Ice Cream Flavor, Free Taste June 16

If you live in Broward County, then it's time to say happy birthday! In part of Broward's 100th birthday celebration, Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour has put together a brand new contest to celebrate the county's rich history through a special centennial ice cream flavor. As one of the county's distinguished landmarks, Jaxson's simply couldn't refuse the offer.

Since the community is an integral component of any county's history, it only made sense to ask the public to help Jaxson's create the flavor of Broward. The contest was held seven weeks ago on Facebook, asking for input about what the special should taste like and garnered over 200 entries.

Now, the verdict is in! So, forget Taco Tuesday, or whatever else it is you do on a Tuesday evening after work, and head over to Jaxson's on Tuesday, June 16, from 4 to 8 p.m., to get an exclusive taste of the Broward 100 ice cream. 

"It was a challenge to sort through the entries, identify those that we thought would both represent Broward, and, at the same time, have mass appeal," says Jerry Smith, Jaxson's General Manager. "We had to make samples of the 10 most promising flavors, try them, tweak them and make them again, then decide on a winner. In the end it was a combination of two entries that caused all six judges to slam down their spoons and declare the search was over. It's Broward in a bowl of bliss, delirium in a dish." 

If you really can't wait to see what the new ice cream flavor is, we'll let you in on a little secret! Without much surprise, most entries focused on tropical fruits and flavors, with coconut being the most popular. After all, we do live in the tropics.

Nonetheless, the new flavor is sure to blow your mind, as Jaxson's knows no limits when it comes to their ice cream flavors and dishes. Just take Jaxson's famous Kitchen Sink dessert for 4, which is exactly what the winner of the contest will receive during tomorrow's preview. In addition, the Broward 100 ice cream will continue to be available at Jaxson's and during Duende, the Broward 100 grand finale weekend, from October 2 through 4, 2015. 

"Some of the Broward 100 contest entries were, um, unique and there are several I can't wait to try, like French Toast with Maple Syrup and Glazed Doughnut to which I'll add either a caramel or fudge swirl," adds Smith. "While reading some of the other entries it was helpful to keep in mind two sayings: "Don't knock it until you've tried it," and "It's a fine line between melange and mayhem!" As far as predicting a trend in ice cream goes, I'll just stick with my standard, "Man, it's hot out! What a great day for ice cream!" Flavor (nearly) notwithstanding..."

Despite the challenge involved in selecting this new ice cream flavor, Smith wasn't alone in this endeavor — he had a team of reviewers helping him make a selection, with a unanimous vote. We sure hope they made the right pick! 

Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour is located at 128 South Federal Highway in Dania Beach. Call 954-923-4445, or visit

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