Krispy Kreme Launches Special Caramel and Chocolate Shop Doughnuts

Just when swimsuit season is in full force, Krispy Kreme finds three ways to lead us into temptation.

The doughnut shop turned obsession has just announced a new, limited-edition line of doughnuts that take a page from our favorite candy-store treats filled with chocolate, caramel, and other non-bikini-friendly ingredients.

Of course, beach cover-ups and tankinis with secret support panels were made for a reason. The reason being these three new doughnuts.

  • The caramel chocolate chip cake features a chocolate cake doughnut made with premium cocoa, topped with caramel icing and topped with Ghirardelli chocolate chips.
  • The caramel chocolate pretzel is filled with chocolate kreme, then topped with caramel icing, salted pretzels, and a caramel drizzle.
  • The dark-chocolate caramel kreme is filled with kreme and caramel sauce, then topped with a dark-chocolate icing and caramel icing swirl.

All three new doughnut varieties are available June 24 through September 1. In addition, the dark-chocolate caramel kreme doughnuts are available at participating grocers and convenience stores. The suggested retail price for these treats is $1.09 each, or $7.29 for a dozen.

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