Hold The Sweaty Cheese
Hold The Sweaty Cheese
Flickr/Ama Lia

Lady Gaga Concert Rider - Non-Smelly Cheese, Honey Important

Flickr/Ama Lia
Hold The Sweaty Cheese

​Lady Gaga is arguably the most talked about, listened to and watched performer right now. Who can resist her catchy songs, weird videos and completely strange costumes? Anyone who can rock a meat dress and wear leather underwear to catch a plane is bound to win the hearts, minds and imagination of the public.


In honor of Gaga's tweeting the lyrics to her upcoming song Born This Way, we found a list of food she likes to chow down on in her dressing room before a concert. Her concert rider shows a woman who likes healthy munchies and lots of caffeine. Surprisingly enough, this pop diva doesn't have too many far-fetched requests (no sorting colors of M&M, no white doves, no man-servant to peel grapes). What Gaga DOES NOT LIKE, however, is cheese that's stinky or sweaty. Guess a nice ripe Limburger is out, then.

 Highlights of her requested goodies list include:

  • Instant Coffee (INSTANT!)
  • Redbull Light
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Large Bag of Tortilla Chips
  • Small Veggie Tray and Ranch Dip (on ice)
  • Small Plate of Cheese (NON-SMELLY & NON-SWEATY)
  • Package Dried Apples and Mangos
  • Package Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Whole Roasted Chicken (hot)
  • Large Container of Lemon or Garlic Hummus
  • Pita Bread
  • Packages of Starfish Tuna (packed in water)

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