McDonald's Mighty Wings: Ten Million Pounds Sitting in Storage

Once in a while, even what seems like a great idea turns out badly. Take, for example, McDonald's Mighty Wings.

We can imagine the discussion over at the Mickey D's R&D lab. "Everyone loves chicken wings. We have to introduce these on our menu. They'll be the new McRib!"

Well, maybe not, because the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the mega-giant fast food chain has a surplus inventory of ten million pounds of the snack.

According to the Journal, McDonald's purchased about 50 million pounds of chicken wings for their wing roll-out, which started right around the start of football season. Unfortunately for the chain, the wings were thought to be too "expensive and spicy", with a retail price of about one dollar per wing (about the same price as wings in a sports bar).

Now, about 10 million pounds of wings remain in a frozen state, awaiting their fate -- which seems to be being cooked and sold at a discounted price. This is not sitting well with the restaurant's franchisees, who "must participate in another upcoming promotion - the date and pricing of which are not yet clear - or else pay for the excess inventory."

Our advice to McDonald's? keep those wings on ice until Super Bowl Sunday and then have a major blowout wingding. Our consulting bill's in the mail.

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