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Paula DaSilva Hosting Female-Led Dinner at James Beard House Tonight

If you're an Opera singer and you make onto the stage of the Metropolitan Opera, you know you're made it to the top of your game.

Sure, there are tons of chefs on T.V. these days, but let's be honest, the vast majority only make onto shows because their really hot or really quirky -- which doesn't mean they're exactly talented on the range.

However, if you make an appearance at the James Beard House, that's kind of a big deal.

Tonight Paula DaSilva, executive chef of 3030 Ocean is hosting a "Chefs and Farmers Celebration" at the James Beard House with other top women in the culinary world.

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In an attempt to create a different experience for James Beard guests -- DaSilva has already appeared at the famed house as a guest chef -- she decided to bring together a group of handpicked female chefs from South Florida and across the country, including 3030 Ocean sous chef Adrienne Grenier, Ali Goss of Parallel Post in Trumbull, Connecticut, Lindsay Autry of Sundy House, Brooke Mallory of Asador in Dallas, Lauren Deshields of Market 17, and 3030 pastry chef Huma Nagi with wines and beverage pairings by Dimitra Tsourianais of Daddy Jones Bar in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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