Picnic + Hula Hoops Tomorrow With Red Pearl Yoga

I know what you're thinking. Unless it's taking an extra lap around the buffet line to see if you've missed anything or gently rolling out of the doorway postmeal, cardio and brunch should never be thought of as activities done in tandem. That is, unless it involves hula hooping and a picnic with the staff of Red Pearl Yoga on Saturday. Details are below...

During Hoop N' Brunch with Jasmine Marques, you'll learn warm-up techniques, stretching, breathing, core hooping, hoop recovery, vertical planes, reversals, freeze breaks, off-body hooping, and more during a two-hour class at Annie Beck Park (100 N. Victoria Park Road, Fort Lauderdale).

But, wait isn't this a food blog? After the class, Red Pearl has got you covered with a picnic-style brunch complete with coffee, croissants, assorted jams, salami, cheeses, Zico coconut water, and cupcakes from Sweeter Days Bake Shop.

The Hoop N' Brunch workshop will run from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday and is $25 in advance or $30 the day of. Cash or check will be accepted. Register on the events page of Red Pearl Yoga's website, or call 954-828-1651.

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