Restaurant News: Au Revoir L'Anjou, Nick's Apizza Aopen, Tijuana Flats to the Gardens

• After more than 30 years on Lake Avenue in downtown Lake Worth, it's time to bid adieu to L'Anjou, one of a fading breed of old-school French restaurants in ever-trendy South Florida. Declining business and illness in the owning Cela family were reportedly the cause. Though generally flying under local foodie radar, it did get a fraction of its 15 minutes of fame in 1980, when a scene in the movie Body Heat was filmed there.

• While L'Anjou exits Lake Worth, Nick's Apizza (800 Lake Ave., 561-670-2704) moves in. And, no, that's not a typo. Nick's pies are in the style of New Haven, Connecticut, which means thin, crisp crusts and the signature (and tomato-sauceless) white clam pizza. The pizzas are cooked in a coal-fired oven and are joined on the menu by assorted apps, sammies, salads, and such. For the record, it's pronounced "a-beetz."

• As if to prove there's no such thing as too many purveyors of fast-casual tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and nachos comes the first Palm Beach County outlet of Tijuana Flats (11608 U.S. 1, 561-622-4555). Beyond the standard tex-mex flare, there are also chocolate chip cookie dough flautas and an array of hot sauces ranging from weenie to I think my hair's on fire.

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