Taurus Steakhouse has one of the best deals going on Restaurant.com.
Taurus Steakhouse has one of the best deals going on Restaurant.com.

Save 80 Percent at Restaurant.com at These Notable Eateries

Update: Restaurant.com raised its discount from 70 to 80 percent through Wednesday, September 22. Save big at restaurants like 3030 Ocean, Trina, Chef Allen's, D. Rodriguez Cuba, and so much more. Promo code after the cut.

Restaurant.com is a site that lets you purchase $25 to $100 gift certificates to local restaurants at reduced cost. It's a novel idea with just one problem: Most restaurants on the list let you redeem only one gift certificate at a time. So if you're eating at, say, the Melting Pot, a $25 certificate purchased for $17.50 on restaurant.com isn't going to save you more than $7.50.

But every so often, the site throws a deal like this around that makes it worthwhile: Today through Sunday, you can purchase gift certificates on restaurant.com at 70 percent off, so long as you enter a promotional code. That means $25 certificates as low as $3. Any way you paint that, it's a pretty good deal.

The promo code you enter at checkout is:


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Easy enough.

There are some pretty worthwhile restaurants where you could save $22 $23 or more (much more) with this offer.

Chef Allen's

gift certs normally cost $10 but are only $3 $2 with this offer. The

caveat: You have to purchase at least two entrées, and you can't

combine it with a Miami Spice prix-fixe deal. Plus the restaurant

automatically adds 18 percent gratuity to the check.

Chima/Pacific Time's deal is the same as Chef Allen's, with all the same rules. Same with Eduardo De San Angel, except you can't use it Saturday or Sunday.

D. Rodriguez Cuba in Miami Beach has gift cards that go up to $100. The final cost to you: $12 $8 after discount. Now that's a deal.

3030 Ocean: $3 $2 gift card, two entrées minimum. Essentially, you'll get one entrée free at this price.

The Frog and Toad,

a great little pub in Fort Lauderdale, has gift cards up to $100, and

the discount applies. The catch: Alcohol excluded. Still, the food

there (fish and chips, shepherd's pie, smoked fish dip, and more) is surprisingly good. You could absolutely feast for $12 $8.

Great deal.

A $50 gift card for Taurus Steakhouse, our Best Of winner for Best Steak Under $10, will cost you $6 $4. You can eat a lot of great steak at that price (lunch excluded).


gift card costs $4.50 for $25 and precludes you from using it on

Fridays or Saturdays. You also have to purchase two entrées and tack on



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