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Sign the Petition to Make Ruth Bader Ginger a Ben & Jerry's Flavor

In a time where has cornered the market on making people feel better about themselves by signing an online petition and then sending it out into the ether never to be thought of again.

Of course, there are plenty of petitions that deserve to be ignored and forgotten. (Remember that one time the internet decided to appropriate a toddler’s hair and demand that her celebrity parents brush it?) But, it’s important to remember that sometimes these petitions do actual good (like the one telling corporations to stop funding anti-gay discrimination.)

But there is no cause more topical and worthy than the most recent one petitioning Ben & Jerry’s to create a Ruth Bader Ginsburg ice cream called “Ruth Bader Ginger.”

Yes, it’s about time Notorious RBG receives an honor high enough to put her in the company of such esteemed cultural icons as Ron Burgundy and Stephen Colbert. Because as we’ve seen in the recent Supreme Court same sex marriage hearings, the current company she’s keeping errs more on the ridiculous side than two make-believe news anchors.

Hopefully Ben & Jerry’s wises up to the almost cult following she has developed and makes this petition a reality. The 82-year-old Supreme Court Justice has become something of an internet phenomenon and modern feminist icon. In the breve new world of memes. RBG is trending. There's a tumblr account devoted to the Notorious RBG that blogs news, quotes, memes, and merchandise featuring Justice Ginsburg.

Now, with the arguments being heard before the court on gay marriage, and Justice Ginsburg's sassy retort's, the Notorious RBG is becoming more well known than ever.

And, frankly, if Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and even Ron "Anchorman" Burgundy can get their own flavors, surely the sassiest member of the Supremes deserves the same.

After all, you can't spell truth without Ruth.
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Tana Velen