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Sloan's Ice Cream Opening in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea on December 20

Sure, it's that "wonky" chocolatier and those "31 flavors" guys who get instant recognition when it comes to sweets and ice cream peddling, but since 1999, South Florida's had one zany and downright awesomely kooky ice cream maker in her midst, Sloan Kamenstein.

16 years on, the little day-glo ice cream parlor that could has turned into a local franchise and Kamenstein -- an accomplished chef and entrepreneur -- still oversees company operations and is "heavily involved in innovation, product development and growth" according to the company's website.

Created out of a "love of fine foods and sweets," Sloan's Ice Cream is as a much a treat and delight to the palate and pleasure senses as it is a live, visceral lysergic vision experience. If the idea of "pretty princess meets and commandeers the yellow submarine fully fueled with sugar and a budget for kitsch" is something that may induce any form of seizure, you're probably better off sending someone out for a pint of their cold fixings as their stores are delightfully, maddeningly decorated. Imagine an ice cream shop decorated by Tim Burton.

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"Sloan's Ice Cream is unlike anything you've ever tasted before! We have lots and lots of unique flavors that are all made with the finest ingredients. Our award winning luxury ice cream truly is the BEST, if we do say so ourselves, and keeps our loyal fans coming back for more! ... Like everything at Sloan's, the décor is over the top with pink walls, twinkling chandeliers, moving trains, and magical glass bathrooms."

Yes, you read that right. Magical. Glass. Bathrooms. Because if the potential sugar coma doesn't get you, they even have a gimmick potty that is crystal clear when vacant and "magically" fogged up when occupied. You will be paranoid that somehow it won't work for you. Luckily, when it all works out, you'll get a nice endorphin rush to go with the sugar high.

But all that gimmicky stuff aside, Sloan's does make some fantastic ice creams. Within the realm of the familiar but with a twist, easy favorites are the amazing chocolate chunk, luscious Sloan's white and/or dark, the mont blanc and the rocky road. The tripping gets going with varieties like the "circus" (cotton candy ice cream loaded with gummy bears) and the richly sinful Vincenzo's Nutella vanilla - which the ladies and some gents agree, takes something good and makes it dreamy.

But Sloan's isn't a one-trick pony! There are plenty of sundaes, shakes, smoothies, ice cream sodas, baked goods, chocolates and cookies to choose from ensuring a potential diabetic candidacy to all! My type II condition is already zinging thinking about it.

Opening on December 20, the new store will be located on 112 E. Commercial Blvd. in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. Visit

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Abel Folgar