Solo Mexican Cantina: Who Says You Can't Get Good Mall Food?

You're at the mall and you're hungry. This is usually a delimma because mall food is typically slim pickings. You basically have your choice between food court disasters and suburban chain restaurants. When Starbucks sounds like the gourmet dining option, you've got yourself a dilemma.

Not so at the Mall at Wellington Green. Solo Mexican Cantina just opened at this tony neighborhood's shopping mecca, bringing with it upscale Mexican food at mall-friendly pricing.


The driving force behind Solo Mexican Cantina is a collaboration between chefs Carlos Badaraco Hermann and Executive Chef Greg Bermann, who have collaborated on an innovative menu. Starters include Solo Guacamole, prepared tableside ($7) and tuna nachos ($12)

Entrees include two Ahi tuna tacos ($10), lemon herb roasted chicken ($12) and two Barbacoa briskett tacos for a wallet-friendly $8.

A full bar, including a vast tequila menu and eight specialty margaritas make this a great option to the usual mall food. Take that, chain restaurants!

Solo Mexican Cantina is open daily from 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

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