South Florida Food Trucks on Good Morning America (Video)

South Florida food trucks were the focus of a

Good Morning America

segment on the safety and cleanliness of the mobile eateries.

Blogger Burger Beast alerted us to the three-minute feature that cites a recent study conducted by the Institute for Justice. In the report, titled "Street Eats, Safe Eats," the civil liberties law firm researched more than a quarter of a million restaurant and food-truck inspection reports in seven cities, including Miami.

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Their findings concluded that on average, food trucks had more than 50 percent fewer violations than brick-and-mortar restaurants.

This study should put to rest the misinformation that food trucks don't adhere to the same standards as your favorite corner bistro.

ABC correspondent Mara Schiavocampo was sent to the food-truck roundup in Hollywood Arts Park to check out several South Florida food trucks, including B.C. Tacos, Ms. Cheezious, and Jefe's Original Fish Tacos. What she found was that these trucks adhere to the same health code standards as traditional eateries, that they are routinely inspected by the state of Florida, and that these small-business owners are obsessive about the cleanliness of their trucks.

Ms. Cheezious owner Brian Mullins points out that "we wash everything onsite," while Jefe's Jack Garabedian showcases the different storage areas for cooked and uncooked foods.

Makes you feel good about biting into that fish taco. See your favorite food trucks on television here:

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