Taco Bell Breakfast and the Ronald McDonalds: Behind The Scenes Footage (Video)

Taco Bell Breakfast and the Ronald McDonalds: Behind The Scenes Footage (Video)

By now, you've probably tried Taco Bell's new breakfast items (check out our sister blog Short Order's take on the awesome waffle taco).

For years, the Mexican fast-food chain has nipped on the heels of McDonald's like a rabid Chihuahua in an attempt to gain some traction and market share.

In the past, Taco Bell has enlisted the aid of a celebrity chef (Lorena Garcia) and a Chihuahua in its advertising campaigns. But now, Taco Bell has recruited the least likely of spokesmen for its morning meal campaign -- Ronald McDonald!

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If you haven't seen the commercials, in a bit of brilliance, Taco Bell combed the country for real people named Ronald McDonald, then flew them to Los Angeles to take part in a filmed taste test to see how they like their breakfast burritos and A.M. crunchwraps. The ad's creative team, led by Deutsch LA, just shared a behind-the-scenes video that gives a lot of insight into the life of Ronald McDonald.

First off, being Ronald McDonald no longer means a life of clown work. There are Ronald McDonald funeral directors, personal trainers, junkyard men -- even a justice of the peace.

Secondly, it's tough to be named after a celebrity. As Ronald McDonald from New York said, "Every first day of school was the worst." Wow! And we thought our classmate Nimrod Fachler had a bad time of it (there actually was a kid named that at school).

But, in the end, these Ronald McDonalds had a great experience. They traveled to Los Angeles (with a few name snafus at the airport), ate Taco Bell, and met new brethren.

Want to see for yourself? Watch here:

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