Ten Best Chicken Wings in Broward County

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Nothings screams sports like chicken wings.

Whether it's breaded and fried, tossed in fat-laden sauce, or fired in a coal oven, chicken wings are the perfect accoutrement to watching the game.

It actually makes perfect sense. The handheld athletic favorite is so greasy, there's no need to worry about wiping in between bites, giving viewers the perfect option for maximum flavor and minimum eye contact — no need to lift your eyes from the screen while munching on these little pups.

Just as the style of wing can differ, so can the actual sport. Wings don't discern against football, baseball, basketball, or, heck, even the World Cup.

No matter which sport your currently paying attention to, a chicken wing is most appropriate. Head to one of these places for the next athletic-viewing endeavor.

Here are the ten best wings in Broward County.

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10. Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Wings

With bright signs out front and dimly lit wood-filled interiors, this local chain hasn't changed much since it first opened its doors. And it's still busier than your local Comcast shop. That's because it's always has it's formula worked out: friendly staff, lots of T.V.s, cheap beer, superb finger foods. The wings are one of the best items on the menu. Meaty and cooked to perfection, these juicy babies are exactly what you need while you're staring at that screen. They're offered in all the regular forms: mild, medium, hot, garlic, barbecue. But we prefer to go off menu here. Go for the hot mixed with barbecue. You'll thank us later on.

9. Wings-N-Things

One of South Florida's most beloved wing joints, this Pompano Beach place has the ultimate local following. A true dive, it's not garnering fans for its outward appearance; it just makes a damned good chicken wing and that's what it's all about. Owner Eddie Hauck is a Buffalo native and he's serious about his sauce. He doesn't use the same old hot sauce and butter blend you'll find at most South Florida spots. His is a unique blend of ingredients is a close as you can get to the real deal from the city of Buffalo itself — and you don't have to experience a polar vortex to try it out.

8. d.b.a./cafe

You've had Buffalo wings a million times before. Sure, you love them. But every now and then you need to venture away from your old reliable. Well, this place is all about "Food for the wandering palate." Obviously, that extends to the wings, as well. The menu does change, but it's current chicken appendage incarnation is all about honoring the south (or North Carolina, to be specific). It serves mustard barbecue wings with a side of apple slaw — it's the perfect Carolina barbecue option for those who don't eat pork.

7. Tarpon Bend

Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, this sports bar/happy hour institution knows how to throw down on some finger foods, wings included. The selection here may not be as expansive as you'll find in a wing joint or average pub, but you need not overdo it with options when you go over and above. If you're feeling spicy, go for the Jamaican jerk; they're marinated in a spicy yet refreshing scotch bonnet blend. You want exotic? Go for the chili garlic; they're served with chopped peanuts and sesame. Or, if you just need a bit of reliable comfort, the Buffalo is just as good as you'll find at any specialty chicken wing joint.

6. Bao Las Olas

We may like to think that chicken wings are as American as, say, apple pie. That's not actually the case. Everyone likes chicken. And most people like letting out their primal instincts by gnawing meat straight off the bone — weird, maybe, but true obviously. This modern Asian joint has a completely different yet equally amazing interpretation of the wing. The Vietnamese chicken wings are prepared with lemon grass, chili, and fresh herbs for a variation that's still spicy, but clean and refreshing.

5. Hurricane Grill & Wings

Don't get us wrong, we love mild, medium, and hot wings. But after a while, you need to change things up a bit, you know, throw a curveball in the game. That's when we come here for the wings. There's nothing like putting on a new suit: teriyaki glaze and raspberry sauce when you're feeling mild and sweet, mango BBQ and lemon pepper glaze when you want to step it up a notch, ancho chile lime sauce and Thai ginger and garlic glaze when it's time to get serious about heat, and extra-hot hurricane sauce or volcanic lava glaze when you're ready to feel the burn shoot out of your eyeballs. Look, we all have moods, and they change. Come here when you have a hankering for something other than ordinary.

4. Bru's Room

Football and wings are like feathers on a bird: one can't be separated from the other. So it makes sense that a football lifer would go into the wing business after leaving the game. Former Dolphin Bob "Bru" Brudzinski, is just as good as making wings (or his cooks are, at least) as we was defending his team. (For the record: he achieved over 600 tackles, played in three Superbowls, and wasvoted to the Dolphin's 25th Silver Anniversary team.) Offered in a variety of flavors, these award-winning chicken legs get the accolades for a reason, they're impeccably fried and sauced to perfection. You can't go wrong with any selection, but the triple threat with BBQ, Sweet 'N Tangy, and hot sauces blended together, on grilled wings, which are then topped with fresh minced garlic, are a winning play in your mouth.

3. Wings Plus

If you've been doing something for 30 years, chances are you're pretty good at it by now. This place has, and it's doing one heck of a job. The family owned spot only purchases the best fresh wings (these babies are never frozen) and fries them in a health-conscious blend of corn and canola oil — well, as healthy as deep-frying is possible. Although the staff here already prides themselves on the base, the icing on the cake is the sauce — should we have said sauce on the wings? It offers the regular variations of mild, medium, and hot as well as special flavors like Thai chili, habanero hot, and hibachi.

2. Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Common wisdom is wings are supposed to be deep fried and soaked in grease. Fortunately, for the health-conscious, Anthony's has showed the South Florida wing world what's really up. Here, wings are coal fired with caramelized onion, rosemary, and other herbs for a dish that's as flavorful as it is salubrious. Sometimes it's good to go against the grain, and we're sure glad the folks here did.

1. Tarks of Dania Beach

When it comes to serving the best of the best, longevity is key. This Dania Beach institution has been shucking seafood and frying wings for close to half a century. Meaty drums and flats can be ordered to whatever level of spice you can handle; terminator will have you breaking into sweats. Even the hot will get the water flowing before you know it. While you can't go wrong with the classic sauces, the garlic is where it's at. These crisp little morsels come coated in little specs of pungent cloves and a glistening glaze of sauce. No, you won't be sweating with these by the time you leave — but you'll probably smell kind of fresh.

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