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Ten Best Lunch Spots in Broward County

Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day.

Dinner -- and the accompanying wine -- is for relieving workplace agitation.

Lunch, on the other hand, is pretty much forgotten.

With most of us inhaling who-knows-what garbage without even leaving our desks, it's like the redheaded stepchild of most Americans' meal plan.

In much of the world, our habits are considered a tragedy. Lunch is not just a form of cheap fuel; it's an experience, something to be savored and enjoyed while taking a break from the craziness.

As appealing as a long, drawn-out siesta may sound, for most of us, that's not an option. But that's still no excuse for not taking an opportunity to relax and eat something other than instant ramen. Even a quick trip to a takeout joint can help to ease the workday stress.

Whether you're into meat-filled indulgences, exotic dishes, or something just light and fresh, we've compiled a list of the ten best workday-appropriate lunches in Broward County.

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Sara Ventiera