Ten Recipes for Pumpkin Leftovers: Make Pumpkin Flan and Pumpkin Milkshakes, Anything But Pumpkin Pie

It's 2012, and that means you don't need to make pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving because Pinterest exists. And because of Pinterest, you can MacGyver your pumpkin pie into basically anything that isn't pie.

While this Thanksgiving I'll be sticking to my pumpkin bread because I'm borrringgggg, that shouldn't stop you from stepping up your game. I found 10 sweet things to make pumpkin with that doesn't include a pie. Leave that grueling task to Publix.

1. Pumpkin Butter
Only Paula Deen would be upset that this variation doesn't actually include butter in the recipe. With cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and apple juice accompanying pumpkin puree, you can slather it on graham crackers, like this recipe suggests, or serve it like a dip.

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2. Pumpkin Scones
Don't leave this pastry to the Starbucks folks. Most of the ingredients from this recipe adaptation are things you usually have on hand. It even comes with a honey glaze. It takes less than an hour to prep and bake. Save the hard work for the relatives cooking the turkey.

3. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars
Is there quite a taste more American than a chocolate chip cookie? Add pumpkin to it and tell me it isn't the most Thanksgiving piece of dessert you've ever tasted. This glorious recipe shows them being made similar to baking blondies.

4. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
One year, my aunt made red velvet whoopie pies and I forgot everything I ever hated about her other failed baking attempts. So since she is now my favorite in the history of ever, I hope she makes this pumpkin version with maple cream cheese because it is perfect.

5. Pumpkin Pretzels
If you're the type of person that can't leave the mall without grabbing an Auntie Anne's pretzel, you and I are like BFF. But then there's this 16 year-old who takes your Auntie Anne's infatuation and makes you want to eat your computer. She takes a pumpkin pretzel, coats in cinnamon and spice mix, bakes and drizzles it with a coffee cream cheese frosting. You basically just won Thanksgiving. And my heart.

6. Chai Pumpkin Spice Thumbprints
Wait so Hershey's makes pumpkin-flavored kisses? That in and of itself is glorious. But then you add them to cookie batter and it's like how did the world ever exist without such beauty? Chai isn't just for the hipsters anymore, kids.

7. Pumpkin Pudding
If your pre-Thanksgiving tradition is to cry in your pantry when all you see is a bottle of ketchup and a collectables box of Wheaties, save your tears! This easy pudding recipe uses five ingredients and takes five minutes to make.

8. Pumpkin Flan
I'm not what you would call a flan fan, but hey, it's Thanksgiving. You do what makes other people happy. You can even add spiced pumpkin seeds because fancy flan is just the coolest.

9. Pumpkin Spice Pancakes
So if your Black Friday consists of keeping the lights off, blinds closed, pajamas on and ignoring the outside world while they go crazy, then we clearly need to hang out. We'll even make these pumpkin pancakes. I'll be honest - ever since I got a waffle maker, I've foregone the traditional flapjacks. But I'll go old school for some pumpkin.

10. Pumpkin Milkshake
How come Dairy Queen's Pumpkin Blizzard isn't year-round? Satisfy your craving just long enough with this homemade version with caramel sauce. It even includes graham crackers so clearly it's phenomenal.

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