Thanksgivukkah Recipe: Introducing the Turbrisket or the Trisket (Video)

This year, Hanukkah starts the evening of Wednesday, November 27, which means instead of having the traditional Hanukkah/Christmas celebration where your menorah is lit along with the tree and chocolate gelt is eaten with candy canes, we merge the festival of lights with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgivukkah is a thing -- complete with apparel and greeting cards.

In fact, this could be a genius new holiday. After all, the foods go so well together, as we realized when we perused a menu at a local market offering holiday dinners. For $199 you got your choice of Thanksgiving dinner (with turkey) or a Hanukkah meal (with brisket). But why stop there when you can have both?

Which is why we love (drumroll, um, drumstick roll, please):

The turbrisket...or the trisket! Both are perfect for Thanksgivingkkah meal, yet they're as different as apple pie and pumpkin pie. Let's explain.

First off, we're not talking about the turbriskafil, the dish that Howard's mother makes on Big Bang Theory (which is gefilte fish inside a brisket inside a turkey). That's overboard (even served with a nice glass of Manischewitz).

A turbrisket is a turkey stuffed with brisket, while a trisket is a brisket stuffed with ground turkey and sounds way more probable.

In fact, we found a video of one brave blogger who actually made a trisket. Andrew Mark Veety, the brain behind the trisket, tells Clean Plate Charlie that the trisket came out better than he thought. "It ended up being like a turkey meatloaf stuffed inside smoked brisket".

Sounds pretty delicious to us. If you want to give it a go, check out the recipe here and this video to prove that the trisket is real:

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