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The Coolest Food Magazines You're Not Reading

​​With the advent of advancement in technology, the Internet and Kindles, physical magazines, newspapers and books have gone out the backdoor. But admit it -- every once in awhile, it actually feels nice to hold one in your hands. Feels nostalgic to get black ink all over your white pants. 

At Clean Plate Charlie, we especially love publications that deal with the subject of FOOD. 

The death of Gourmet was scary and the changes at Bon Apetit were just strange. Thankfully, while it seems publications are shutting down left and right, we've compiled a list of the coolest food publications (that are not shutting down, phew) you're probably not reading. It seems independent publishers are finally enjoying their time in the sunshine.

The following list of magazines are innovative in the fact that they do not merely offer recipes (some even don't), but due to the increase in popularity of food issues, offer topics ranging from anthropology to culture, science and history. You'll find that the voices behind the stories love food more than your nonna. These publications are not only changing the parameters of how food is viewed but the parameters of the food world itself. 

Find the list after the jump. You can thank us later. 


The epic BIBLE for meat lovers. All meat, all the time. Writing and art - humorous, blunt and smart. When perusing the About section, the first and most interesting factoid you'll note is that most of its contributors are vegetarian (or have gone through a stint of it). Huh? Is there a correlation?

It's Saveur (pronounced SAH-VUR, like fur), but more refined and without ads. A strong emphasis is placed on small producers and how products are made i.e. chocolate, olive oil, charcuterie.

For anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about CHEESE. They are the experts. They've even got a cheesemonger forum. You'll soon be on your way to loving cheese as much as us. The stinkier, the better. 

Find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @culturecheese

The ultimate nerdery awaits the highest of food lovers, it's like The New Yorker for foodies. Packed with anthropology, history, culture and literary arts, the articles round out at about 13 pages a piece, so it ain't for the Airheads.  

Find them on Facebook.

Their motto: Adventures in Food and Form. It takes a bit of an open mind to get through this one, which is why it makes even more interesting. It's a collaboration of sorts between how different cultures view food and then communicate it, for example, through Japanese manga. Philosophical food. Isn't that what David Chang is doing anyway?

The first thing that hits you, the paper's GREEN. Maybe a play on green eggs and ham, oh my? The publication resembles its makers- simple, fresh and personal. It's a literary magazine about food, cooking, and conviviality.

Find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @putaeggonit

No celebrities, no recipes, no reviews. It's about the love of food and lets writers normally constrained by their editors to write what they please about food. Poem about broccoli- go for it! History of salt- no problem (oh wait, that's already been done). It's funny, it's personal and it's quirky, kind of like the food nerds themselves.

Find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @fireandknives

Your abuelita made you sopa de pollo when you were sick. Now you're 27 and you long for the long gone taste that your girlfriend never gets right. Meet the quarterly which focuses on the remedies from the past and the food that makes you feel good. Chicken Soup for Food Lover's Soul, done correctly. Also, there are no ads. 

Find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @remedyquarterly

Not to be confused with The New York Times' blog, Diner's Journal. Diner's a restaurant that has been in Williamsburg since before the hipsters took over and part of the empire Marlow & Sons. It's their blog in magazine format, which is available in stores throughout the country and by subscription. TRUE food love lives here. 

Edible is a grassroots group of small community publications throughout the country. The magazines are community sustained and focused. Emphasis is placed on exposing a demographic's localism via both producers and consumers. The paper is printed on paper, very unpretentious and can be picked up at various locations throughout the community for FREE. Edible South Florida was launched over a year ago by local Katie Sullivan and is the most relevant to us here. 

Find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @EdibleSoFla

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