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The Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival Returns January 24: It's All About Florida Beer

The 9th annual Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival is fast approaching, with the Roger Dean Stadium Hosting on January 24. This year over 100 beer vendors, most of them Florida, will available to sample. Has there ever been a better moment for the state of craft beer in the Sunshine State?

Probably not. Florida represents the largest contingent with at least 30 breweries, many of those from either Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

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With the amount of time you have to try all of the beers--only four hours--you might want to stick to what you know. But even if you plan on sampling all of the beers at least once, bring your A-game because that's over eight beers assuming sampling cups are at least one ounce.

The time constraints alone could even preclude the ability to visit each tent. And the consumption of alcohol will certainly slow you down. Then factor in the weather, exposure and time spent at each tent talking beer, or what have you. Mitigate the situation with food and lots of water.

It's a festival sought-after by commercial brewers and the type where goers seek new brews. Many familiar ones will be there, such as Funky Buddha Brewery, Saltwater Brewery, Tequesta Brewing, Due South Brewing, Holy Mackerel and more.

A couple of new ones to try are Twisted Trunk Brewing and 26th Degree Brewing, each coming to Palm Beach Gardens and Pompano Beach, respectively. Twisted Trunk, which is a project of Tequesta Brewing's Fran Fran Andrewlevich and Matt Webster, is putting on the finishing touches of its brew space. The latter brewing company just began construction, but owner Greg Lieberman is hopeful to be open by the summer.

Lieberman told New Times that he'll most likely be packing some IPAs, a stout and a session ale. With a recent delivery of one of their foeders--or wooden barrels used to age sours--Twisted Trunk could very well bring some sours.

Heard that phrase, "tickets are limited"? It applies here also. Between online ($31) and at the door ($35--cash only), a total of 3,000 tickets will be sold. Some are still available online as of last night. They'll probably sell out, too. And you've got to be at least 21 to enter.

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