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The Nine Best Bar Appetizers in Palm Beach

There is absolutely no shortage of quality foodie-bars in the Palm Beach area, so you never have an excuse to sacrifice on the eats when you're out on the town trying to get loose. From basics to bistros, Palm Beach County has it all on the bar scene. So which bars have the best gastro-creations in the appetizer department? Here's a look at Palm Beach County's best bite-sized offerings.

Bar Louie: Blackened Salmon Sliders 
Big Time Restaurant Group continues to kick out new and exciting restaurants, and Bar Louie has become one of their staples. Bar Louie's blackened salmon sliders are the unquestioned perfect appetizer to pair with an intensely hopped IPA — the layers of goodness are sure to cut through the sting of even the most pungent brew. This masterpiece is composed of a miniature piece of seared blackened salmon topped with fresh spinach, hand-cut bacon, pesto mayo, and a thick-sliced tomato. If mixing fried foods or greasy burgers with alcohol isn't your thing, this is a worthy alternative. 

Duffy's Sports Grill: Chicken Quesadillas
Not all quesadillas are born equal; that's just the world we live in. With that said, the chicken quesadillas at Duffy's are surprisingly superb for a sports bar. They amount to the familiar ingredients; a flour tortilla stuffed with caramelized onions and roasted red peppers and drizzled with enchilada sauce. Wait, enchilada sauce?! Yup, that's the part that sets them off and makes them ridiculously good. Crunching down on these with a Corona while the game is on is what it's all about. 

Brass Tap: Guinness Gourmet Sausage Sampler
The Boynton Beach Brass Tap location offers up a Guinness beer brat sampler that comes complete with various assortments and varieties of sausages. Included in the platter is a Cajun sausage and bratwurst that comes with a pale ale mustard and spicy brown mustard for dipping. This magical plate of goodness pairs perfectly with a good old fashioned ale, or a Guinness stout. 

Two Georges: Fresh Smoked Fish Dip 
There might not be anything earth shattering about a smoked fish dip being featured at a waterfront South Florida bar, but Two George's is the standard of which all fish dips should be judged upon. Accompanied by your basic saltine crackers, this appetizer goes down well with a local Due South Brewery Indian Pale Ale. If you're going to look at the water when you drink it only seems right that you eat some seafood at some point; this is one of the easiest appetizers to get your fish fix. 

CocoCabana Bar & Grill: Bandeja Mixta Familiar
CocoCabana in Greenacres serves up some of the best authentic Latin cuisine in Palm Beach and included on their menu is a sampler that is sure to keep your stomach full while you pound shots of tequila. Their Bandeja Mixta Familiar platter comes served with deep fried beef, chicken, sausage and the option of fries or fried plantains; yup, that's an appetizer. This is the sort of appetizer a table orders, then right after tells the waitress she can go ahead and bring another round of Cadillac margaritas. 

Tap 42: Spicy Crab & Tuna "Rolls"
These little miniature delights pack some serious flavor. The freshly opened Tap 42 location in Boca Raton not only offers all the same terrific brew selections the Fort Lauderdale location does, but the entire menu is identical. This app features crab and tuna mixed with avocado and spicy mayo sitting on a soft potato roll. It's the perfect fresh and light snack to munch on when you're day drinking. 

Zinburger Wine & Burger: Loaded Fries 
French fries were basically invented to be companions to things, from entrees to alcohol; they accompany both equally well. Add some applewood smoked bacon, cheese sauce, and sour cream and chives and what you get is the perfect no-fuss bar appetizers. The best thing about french fries is they are quickly made, so you can get some food in your stomach in no time at all. Fries go with everything, and the salt will make you want to drink more; it's a match made in bar appetizer heaven. 

Racks: Ahi Tuna Tacos
There are times when you're in a bar strictly to drink, and there are other times when you go to a bar for a drink and some amazing food; the Ahi Tuna Tacos at Racks are reason enough to make the trip. Crunchy hard shell tacos topped with various peppers, radishes, apples, and avocados — this is not your abuela's taco. Wash this one down with a margarita and you've got yourself a quality lunch break. 

Yakitori Sake House: Korean Short Rib Salad
After you're drowning your taste buds in liquor, you might want to wake them back up with this Yakitori appetizer. The chargrilled beef, avocado, and spicy Thai dressing are sure to shock your mouth awake, and the greens make it just healthy enough that you can tell yourself you're not cheating on your diet. Yakitori specializes in sake, so you already know what to pair with this complex dish.
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