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The Ten Best Bar Appetizers in Broward

Bar appetizers don't get enough credit. They are a crucial part of a night out drinking, the concrete that holds it altogether. Without solid snacks to munch on while we drink, there would be many more instances of bad things happening — just terrible, no-good, bad things. And a meal made of apps is a meal meant to be shared while the drinks and the conversation flow.

Thankfully in Broward, we have plenty of watering holes that also offer some of the finest grub one could ask for while drinking. 

From gastropubs to sports bars, here are some of the most delicious bar snacks Broward County has to offer.

Duffy's Sports Grill: Chicken Quesadillas

Not all quesadillas are born equal; that's just the world we live in. With that said, the chicken quesadillas at Duffy's are surprisingly superb for a sports bar. They amount to the familiar ingredients; a flour tortilla stuffed with caramelized onions and roasted red peppers and drizzled with enchilada sauce. Wait, enchilada sauce?! Yup, that's the part that sets them off and makes them ridiculously good. Crunching down on these with a Corona while the game is on is what it's all about. 

Coconuts: Conch Fritters

Nothing earth-shattering here; just well-done, classic, crispy conch fritters done better than anywhere else in Broward. The dipping sauce that accompanies them is traditional, but you can add some flair and ask for them spiced up with some chili pepper or sriracha. The added heat really makes you drink more too, so that's fun. That's right, get spicy, while getting saucy.

Brass Tap: Samuel Adams Beer Cheese Dip

A good beer-cheese-bread combo is hard to beat. It's so basic, but it's so perfect for snacking while you're throwing back a bold stout. Pro tip: Brass Tap also has a fresh-baked pretzel appetizer; order both and combine the two. You're welcome.

 Royal Pig Pub: RPP Bacon Mac & Cheese

This definitely isn't your mom's mac and cheese. Cheddar cream, Parmesan, white cheddar, oaxaca cheese, and andouille bread crumbs all mixed into a bowl of goodness and oven-baked to perfection; this mac and cheese is the entrée you can pass off as an appetizer.

American Social: Short Rib Mac N Cheese

While we are talking mac-and-cheese apps, why not mention this culinary creation American Social kicks out of its kitchen daily? This treat is composed of a blend of creamy cheeses, braised short ribs, roasted red peppers, and trottole pasta served bubbling hot in a cast-iron skillet. This hearty bowl of goodness goes well with a lighter beer that is able to wash all that beef and cheese down right.

Mangos Restaurant and Tiki Bar: Lump Blue Crab Cakes

This is Florida, after all, so some sort of seafood dish has to make the list. Mangos has this lovely lump blue crab cake app that is topped with a Key lime tartar sauce. All crab cakes are not created equal — some are less crab, more bread — but these are as legit as they come. These go great with a whiskey and Coke before a day on the beach.

Yard House: Shrimp Ceviche

This appetizer is a dish of the gods: mango papaya salsa, sliced red radishes, avocado, corn tortilla, and spicy tomato ketchup all mixed with some of the best shrimp you can find anywhere in South Florida. This dish is what South Florida food is all about: fresh seafood mixed with delightful ingredients that bring out its flavor without overriding it. This tastes like Miami Sound Machine music. That might sound weird, but it makes sense after you taste it. 

Blue Moon Fish Co.: Conch and Shrimp Hush Puppies

Delicate breading filled with fresh conch and shrimp fried to a golden perfection; these are goooood. Hush puppies by themselves go great with a beer, but add in a little Miami flair with some fresh seafood inside of these. You need the breading to keep you going, but the protein is a must at some point in your binge-drinking night. These go great with dipping sauces; even a simple ranch or cocktail sauce will work just fine. 

Tap 42: White Beer-Braised Mussels

Spanish chorizo, chilies, oranges, and herbs all mixed in and accompanied by some of the tastiest mini baguettes you've ever had. The muscles are cooked in a Harpon Brewery white ale that gives them a very wine bite. Every bite is different, and you find yourself fishing for one last bit of the incredible chorizo Tap 42 uses. Soak up the juices with the bread, make little sandwiches with the chorizo, hell, drink the broth — you're drunk!

Tucker Duke's: PB&J Bon Bons

Fried peanut butter; it's like your childhood opened a bar. This is the sort of snack you would have killed for way before you were old enough to drink. Quality jam evens out the rich, golden-fried peanut-butter snack. It even comes with a milk shooter to wash it down, driving home the point that this is a grown-up kid's finger food made to go perfectly with over-21 beverages.
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