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Today Is International Waffle Day: Broward and Palm Beach's Five Best Chicken and Waffles

If ever you were going to attribute waffles to a country, it would be Belgium. It must be called a Belgian waffle maker for a reason, right? Well, apparently the rest of the world loves waffles just as much as the tiny nation. Today, March 25, is International Waffle Day.

In honor of the international celebration, Clean Plate Charlie decided to compile a list of the best American version of the honeycombed cake: fried-chicken and waffles. South Florida's five best chicken and waffles after the jump.

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5. Johnny V Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale

What happens when you take two breakfast favorites with a healthy dose of fried chicken? Magic. Johnny V's takes your average chicken, rolls it around in a Captain Crunch crust, fries it, and serves the delicious concoction atop a classic waffle with maple syrup. Just for good measure, the rich dish is served with melon and berries. You know, to keep it healthy. Johnny V's chicken & waffles are available for brunch, every Sunday.
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