Today Is International Waffle Day: Broward and Palm Beach's Five Best Chicken and Waffles

If ever you were going to attribute waffles to a country, it would be Belgium. It must be called a Belgian waffle maker for a reason, right? Well, apparently the rest of the world loves waffles just as much as the tiny nation. Today, March 25, is International Waffle Day.

In honor of the international celebration, Clean Plate Charlie decided to compile a list of the best American version of the honeycombed cake: fried-chicken and waffles. South Florida's five best chicken and waffles after the jump.

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5. Johnny V Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale

What happens when you take two breakfast favorites with a healthy dose of fried chicken? Magic. Johnny V's takes your average chicken, rolls it around in a Captain Crunch crust, fries it, and serves the delicious concoction atop a classic waffle with maple syrup. Just for good measure, the rich dish is served with melon and berries. You know, to keep it healthy. Johnny V's chicken & waffles are available for brunch, every Sunday.

4. Burt & Max's, Delray Beach

Sometimes you just want a classic. And Burt & Max's Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles will surely satiate that traditional craving. The new spot offers a massive plate of simple fried chicken with a time-honored buttermilk waffle, hot sauce, and maple syrup. You really can't go wrong with that combination. The restaurant serves the dish every evening and during brunch.

3. Bay Bay's Chicken and Waffles, West Palm Beach

Let's just say the name says it all. This West Palm Beach spot specializes--in you guessed it--chicken & waffles. Starting at $6.95, the spot serves the dish in its classic form, super fresh fried chicken atop a classic buttermilk waffle. But wait: there's more. Bay Bay's also offers waffle upgrades for just 3 bucks more. Lemon cake, red velvet, strawberry, chocolate, pumpkin pie, or pecan waffles are available just in case you get bored.

2. Betty's Soul Food, Fort Lauderdale

This Fort Lauderdale institution has been serving up amazing soul food for well over thirty years. The spot, which is situated on Sistrunk just west of I-95, serves some of the best fried chicken that can be found within the Broward confines. Take that perfectly, golden fowl, and stick it on top of a superlatively prepared waffle with syrup and hot sauce: you have yourself a match made in heaven. Oh, and did we mention it's just $7.99? 

1. Coolinary Cafe, Palm Beach Gardens

They say you can't mess with tradition. But they also say change is good. Tim Lippman's chicken and waffles are the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. He starts by taking a spicy and savory cheddar jalapeno waffle and tender boneless Southern fried chicken. He then adds in some coleslaw, grilled lemon, and an Asian-influenced syrup with a flawless blend of sugar and spice. The result: freaking amazing. Fried chicken and waffles has never been so good.

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