Top 5 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Plans for Singletons

​If you thought you'd be spending the evening with a DVD, a protein drink of some sort, and your cat, Fluffy, we've got some better ideas for you.

Sugar rush: Hit some area restaurants after the dinner rush is over and go on a dessert around-the-world tour. They've all made some sweets to end off their prix fixe menus, but certainly they'll have some leftover at the end of the night and will be willing to negotiate. Here's a tip sheet: We know Big City Tavern's got red velvet cake with candy hearts and City Cellar's got chocolate-covered strawberries, Rocco's Tacos is making Mexican chocolate tres leches Cake, and The Raw Kitchen is serving vegetarian heart-shaped brownies. You know it's gonna feel great to chomp on one of those.

Go where the girls are: Instead of feeling like an outcast in an environment where couples canoodle, grab some of your friends, hit the costume shops and makeup counters, and discover your drag personas. Then tomorrow night you can hit Lips and not feel so underdressed when you hang with the "ladies." 

Hit the road: Rent a sexy, red, exotic convertible from Gotham Dream Cars and hire a ripped or silicone-infused escort to sit in the passenger seat. The two of you can drive slowly by every restaurant with outdoor seating and watch the couples glare at you with disdain. 

Get a room: Leave your cell phone and laptop at home and spend the night at the swanky W Fort Lauderdale, downing martinis at the hotel bars then soaking in a bubble bath with Champagne and whatever other lonely heart you picked up. When you wake tomorrow, get a rubdown at the Bliss Spa, hang out by the pool, and be thankful you didn't get roped into all the commercial Hallmark-y crap.

Get stupid: Whiskey Tango in Hollywood is hosting a Stupid Cupid Anti-Valentine's Day singles event tonight. Bring a photo of your ex and if you can nail him or her with a dart, you'll win a free drink. It's voodoo South Florida-style! Then get bitter with some new buddies from 6-9 p.m. and perhaps the lot of you can gather next year at this time and do it all over again.

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Riki Altman