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Top Brewing Executives to Meet in Palm Beach for 2015 Beer Industry Summit

South Florida is already a beer destination.

But rather than the slew of breweries coming to the region promising to bring tourism, the Beer Industry Summit 2015 held at the The Breakers in Palm Beach is a good sign that it is.

The annual gathering, which lasts from January 11 through 13, is organized by trade publication Beer Business Daily. Executives from the top brewing companies in the country are often invited as keynote speakers to the summit, and many oblige.

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The event is a confluence of brewers, both craft and corporate. Some of the speakers include BBD editor and publisher Harry Shuhmacher for starters, Pabst Blue Ribbon's Eugene Kashper Brooklyn Brewery's Steve Hindy, New Belgium Brewing's Kim Jordan, MIllerCoors' Andy England and Lucas Hersgovici from Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Craft beer fans will also be pleased to know that there will be a panel of movers and shakers who represent their ideas.

According to (BBD's website), the summit should provide "thought-provoking content aimed at improving not only your business, but also the industry at large."

One of the major topics is discussion of the three-tier system. Quite a relevant topic if any brewer in Florida is concerned about the state's legal struggles with growlers.

Access is not cheap. Registration is $1,300. But it's exclusive. A year's subscription for BBD costs $600. The publication makes the case for the priciness on its website:

Our publications and Beer Summits are expensive by design, not blunder. Their price keeps the readership to a manageable few who are serious about exploring the tough issues in the beer industry.

But as you might have guessed, some useful industry stuff will be discussed here and anyone who attends ought to receive some good insight from some of the most successful breweries in the land. Some people actually consider this the most important industry conference of the year. If you're curious, check out Beer Industry Summit's Flickr stream of the past 11 summits.

Also check out the agenda and you will also notice that the second day has a "coffee break." A coffee break at a beer summit? Seriously? It's not exactly a beer fest, but someone better show up with some cases of cold brew to share.

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